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This platform was created for Respore 2021 Calls for proposals for Doctoral and Post-doctoral Allowances.

To submit a proposal, you will need to connect with Sciences Conf ids.


Eligible projects are carried out between team members of Respore and the project leader must be identified as a member of the network.


The DIM Respore is centered around three thematic axes, corresponding to current scientific, technological and societal challenges:

Puce Renewable energies.

Puce Environmental sciences and security.

Puce To the service of health, wellbeing, biotechnology and the industry.

To these axes, are added two transverse axes:

Puce Real time and multi-technique characterization.

Puce Towards modeling at all scales

 Proposals funded by Respore have to fit within one of these axes.

Evaluation criteria

The evaluation criteria are the following:

Puce Novelty and quality of the collaboration, in terms of complementarity and expected synergy. The project must associate the skills of at least two laboratories identified within Respore.

Puce Innovative aspect of the project and collaboration with regard to the state of the art. If well motivated, risk taking is accepted.

Puce Scientific and technical quality of the project.

Puce Scientific quality of the potential candidate.


January 20, 2021, midnight : Deadline for proposal submission.

Late March-early April 2021:

May 2021:
Publication of the results.



Projects must be written exclusively in English.

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